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I am your accountability partner and I am here to make sure you take the necessary steps to reach your set goals.

Sometimes in life, we just need someone to support you, push you forward each day and keep you motivated. I make it my goal to see you succeed and I share with you all my advice , business tips and life lessons to help you start living your best life now.

hi there!

I am Nicolene Elhadad.

I am a successful multiple Brick n Mortar business owner. It is my passion to help other female entrepreneurs to scale their brick n mortar businesses and reach new levels of success. I focus on helping my clients create new income streams, dream bigger goals and get their business online in only 4 days.

I am a mother of 3, twins and a toddler and I am blessed in more ways than I ever could have imagined. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and spending time at home. My dream is to show my children the world, so they can learn first hand about different cultures, religions, food, language and more.

“I make it my goal to see you succeed.”

the bucketlist...


1. Visit New Zealand

2. Sky dive

3. Have a family White Christmas

4. Walk the wall of China

5. Run a marathon

6. Write a children’s story book

7. Learn to speak 500 Hebrew words this year

8. Start an online business 



1. See Liverpool play live

2. Learn Italian

3. Travel with my family across the world

4. Go on a honeymoon every year for 7 days

5. Visit Japan


6. Fly inside the cockpit of a boeing 747

7. Fly a solo flight


our family...

In our family, family means everything. We try to spend as much time together and we enjoy staying at home. We have 3 dogs that keep us entertained and with family that lives across the world, we connect as often as we can to share our stories and current events.

everyday life...

I am a true entrepreneur at heart, so I find myself always working on something new, however my day always includes a very good workout, a simple but healthy diet and close interaction with all my key staff that help me run my multiple business framework. 

my favourites

My favourite books are: Everything is Figureoutable, by Marie Forleo and Girl wash your face, by Rachel Hollis. My preferred hot drink is tea, I enjoy salty more than sweet, but I do have a weakness for Lindt. I love working out, reading and thinking up new business ideas that might sound crazy to most people. Some of my favourite spoils are getting a facial and having my nails done, I love watching movies with my family and when I get to sleep in, life is perfect! 

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business coach

I am a mother of 3 and a successful multiple Brick n Mortar business owner and it is my passion to help other Brick n Mortar business owners get their businesses online in only 4 Days. I try and test all my suggestions and ideas myself and share with my clients everything I know. Helping my clients succeed is my goal and I focus on keeping my clients accountable for each step they take. I motivate and push my clients to reach new goals and scale their businesses in order to generate multiple income streams.  

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