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with Nicolene Elhadad

Take your Brick n Mortar business on-line in

ONLY 4 Days

With Nicolene Elhadad.​

This  Mini-course has been exclusively created to help small and medium Brick n Mortar business owners to create a fast and effective new stream of income for their business while being closed due to Lockdowns and Isolation. This course was designed with you in mind. The Brick n Mortar business owner that is in a huge need to start generating a cash income ASAP. And I want to help you do that in only 4 Days!

are you ready?

Are you ready to take your business from closed doors to an online space? Do you need to create an additional income source during these crucial times? Would you like someone in the same situation, that understands your concerns and worries connect with you and help you brainstorm and ignite a new income stream into your business?

Hey there!

I am Nicolene Elhadad and I run multiple Brick N Mortar businesses. 13 Years ago we started our first business from our garage and today we have several types of businesses ranging from Distribution, Accounting, Imports and Exports and a Coffee shop franchise across the country. Today, due to the Covid19 Lockdown in our country, we have been forced to close all our doors and now the question remains, what are we going to do? With no timeline on when business will return to normal, we have taken immediate action to take all off our businesses online to ensure we create a new income to pay our staff and ourselves to cover essential expenses.

I want to share my knowledge and ideas with you about your business and how you as the owner can step up and take massive action to create beautiful change now. I want to encourage you to stay positive, become creative and scale your business into a new venture to help secure your future.

My wish for you is to:

  • Develop a positive mindset
  • Grow your self-belief
  • Identifying your unique offering to take online  and how to monetize them
  • Create a new level of excitement in your business
  • Grow your client relationships
  • Generate an income source fast