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When you have a business that no longer allows for the customer to come into your store or for you to meet face to face with your customers, you have been placed in a situation where you need to start making bigger, different and more out of the norm choices than ever before.

All of our Brick n Mortar businesses are currently closed under Lockdown and it has given us a whole new perspective of how we want to run our business in the future. Yes, we love the whole aspect of inviting our customers into our stores, but when you are faced with the reality that when you are not allowed to open your doors, your money is halted as well.

Completely. No income.

This is a new space we find ourselves in and we are working on new ideas daily to get all of our businesses online in some shape or form. Not just for now, but especially for going forward. I never want to be solely dependent on my income being generated from the feet through my door only.

You have maybe been in this situation before or you are currently finding yourself in the same space as we are. It is now the time for change and we are going to help other business owners do just that. There is no joy in succeeding on your own. There is no excitement when you reach your goal if you cannot share it with others and believe me, when someone else wins and you helped encourage them, guide them and advised them, the feeling of success is even greater.

Is your business online yet?

Have you found your unique idea to take online yet? You should. Sit down, unravel your business and find out what your customers love most about you. Use that to sell to them online now. Your clients miss you, I know that for a fact. It does not matter if you are a hairdresser, coffee shop owner, dog trainer, nanny, teacher, automotive specialist, actress or more. We miss you, your clients miss you and they miss your products and services. It is very important to remember this and to keep in touch with your clients as much as possible during this time.

How can you do this?

Start with connecting with those clients who you have on your database through email or text messaging. Be honest and true in your messages and say how you miss them, thank them for their support before the lockdown and send your love for their safety during this time. If you don’t have any contact info like myself, use your social media and ask them to share it with people from your community. This is the time to be raw and true to who you are.

If you’re lucky enough to have their contact info, call them. Talking to people now, that have time can give you all the info you need to keep your business alive in some shape or form.  Remember, clients also want to feel valued and you can even use this time to pre-book customers for future meetings, appointments and sessions. Do not just wait and see how it goes. Plan to start working with your customer again in 3 months from now. Yes, this might sound horrible, scary and unreal, but take action. Your clients will appreciate your processes and adding them into your plan makes them also feel part of a structure of control.

Post heart filled honest stories of how you feel, interesting facts about yourself and your past stories. Teach your clients more about your business culture, who you truly are and why you need their support. Your customer has time now to listen, so use this time wisely.

Try this today, you have nothing to lose.  Just so much more to gain.

Stay safe and talk to you soon.


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