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are you an experienced FRANCHISOR?

Have you been growing your business through opening a few branches over the past 3 to 4 years, but feel like you’ve hit a ceiling?

Are you struggling to get new potential franchisees and investors? 

Do you feel like you need some new fresh ideas on how to package your business, brand it in a new exciting way and attract a new market of investors?

Would you like to re-ignite the fire inside your business and open a few more branches to your brand and get a fresh stream on income in again?

Well, you’re in the right place!

i'm just the girl to help you do that!

hi there!

I am Nicolene Elhadad and I would love to help you rebrand and scale your current franchise business while attracting the best potential investors to your brand!

When I started my coffee shop franchise over 3 and a half years ago, I knew I wanted it to be a very successful business. In our first 2 months, we opened 3 stores and by the end of our first year, we had 5 successfully operated stores.

Once we realized that people were happy to invest with us and our business concept, we knew it would be far easier to franchise the stores off to their individual owners instead of managing and owning them myself.

After our second year, we had 8 branches and 2 were franchised. From there it only grew. Today we have 5 franchisees who own several branches and we have new members joining this year.

Our strategy has always been to carefully choose who we grow with and we want to make sure they believe in the same values and ideals that we strive for.

Our franchise structure is very different from the standard way of franchising and we value the comments from our franchisees, while we  encourage them to grow with us going forward.

Today, with 13 stores and counting I know all the struggles you are going through each day.

Here is how I would love to help you

Restructure your business plan and map out a new growth structure

Rebrand your story and how you sell your franchise concept

Find your ideal client and build a campaign to attract them

Rebrand your marketing regarding your franchise options

a closer look inside your website, social media and PR

Rebuild your team structure

And SO much more!!!

How do we get started?

Jump on a strategy call with me,
so we can talk about your business
and see how we can build it bigger and stronger together.

Work with me!

Yes, you know this is right for you and you want to take action now.

My 6 month VIP one-on-one coaching program is tailored specifically for YOUR business and how I can help YOU grow. 

6 months of direct voxer access with me. 

(This will allow you access to me during the day to ask questions and find solutions when needed between calls.)

Get 6 x 45min coaching calls directly with me. 

I will also provide you with guided modules to refresh some structures to get in place and ensure you move along fast and effectively, however, the magic is in the calls. 

My coaching is focused on helping you step up, refocus and restructure you current franchise so you can create new income streams and rebrand yourself to stand out from the crowd. I will personally audit your website and social pages with detailed feedback. 

Exclusive 6 month
one-on-one coaching package
For only $2997

I want to help you go from being
Frustrated to FABULOUS in a couple of weeks
and create new energy for your business inside of you!

I believe I can help you generate new income streams, build on your passion for your business, and restart the business adventure you might have lost in the last couple of months.

You are meant to be


You are meant to be


Let's work together to get you the time freedom you yern for, fresh income streams and for new exciting business ventures that you and your business are meant for!

I offer my one-on-one services only to a limited amount of clients every 6 months, due to my schedule, so do not wait to take this amazing opportunity to scale your business in a new and exciting way.

I would love to work hand in hand with you to elevate your beautiful business to new fabulous heights.

With me, You will think bigger, dream bolder and create magic for YOUR business!

You know it’s time
to make the change. 

take action today!

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