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I empower female entrepreneurs to
explode their businesses through franchising,
create a life they love and attract the financial freedom
they have always longed for.

are you?

Running a successful business, but don't know how to Franchise your business?

Working super hard to scale your business to the next level, but you feel stuck?

Seeing younger businesses surpassing you?

looking for new ways to make passive income inside your business?

Tired to trying new things all the time without success and would love someone to just help you?

Looking to work less, but still grow your income?

Desperately seeking a way to branch your brand out in your country, but you don't know how?

You know what?

every business has struggles,
I understand that.

Being the owner of multiple businesses, I have had my fair number of struggles.
That’s normal. But do I wish someone could’ve helped along the way to miss a few bumps?


And that’s what I am here for.

I am here to HELP YOU!

I am here to show YOU the bumps,
so you can miss them and see your business GROW.

Want to hear a cool story?

Just over 3 years ago, I started my first coffee shop. It was great and we quickly knew we wanted to have more than one store. And we did, we opened 3 stores within the first 2 months. It was crazy. I worked all the time, hardly slept, but my energy came from within me, because I knew I wanted to make this business a success.

BUT then we wanted to expand more and we wanted to have stores all over. BUT how will we do that, if I am just one person with a very small team?

I started looking into how we could sell the business concept in easy to follow, packaged deals, known as Franchises. This would allow my brand to grow and for other new entrepreneurs to start their own business with my guidance and a system that is already working.

It was not an easy road, and today we have over 13 stores and we are continuously growing with more store lined up.

Many people have asked me how we did the franchise concept and how we took action everyday to keep growing and scaling our business.

I took all my knowledge and combined it with all my mistakes, lessons learned and my best tips so I can help other entrepreneurs franchise their business concept and create new passive income for their businesses, while growing their brand bigger and bolder! 

I want to show YOU how, so that you don’t have to do the research, struggle for years and be to afraid to take the next step.