As a multiple business owner, mother, wife and daughter, life has taught me many things through people from all walks of life.

When I think back on all the amazing conversations I have been blessed with to have had with people full of knowledge, I now realize how all things in life are meant to help us grow and thrive.

Currently, our world is suffering from fear. Yes, the world.

I think it is actually amazing how the entire world, has been affected by our current health issues and no one is excluded or pardoned from this. As citizens of the world, we are now united in worry about money, fear of losing jobs, fear of becoming ill and worse, the panic of losing someone you love.

What can you do? What should you do?

I believe that the world has to stop and look at where they are and what they have. To take a deep breath and analyze their life, their path and their future. But not in a way of panic, but in a way of planning. Re-thinking and trying to see the best possible way through this. Keeping yourself positive is key and you should not consume negative content, nor spread it.

Keep to yourself, clear your thoughts and your head and spend time with the people around you in your home. Meditate, sleep, laugh, play games, cook food together and read books. Watch movies, play dress up, write love stories to someone you don’t even know (lol). Do things to keep your mind stimulated and busy.

Start to plan a new business, dream the impossible dreams, make babies, exercise, write a book, teach your children skills and learn a new skill yourself.

Hear me out for 1 min…

What if the world has been complaining…

We don’t have enough time to sleep, enough time to spend with our family, we don’t get to cook together, or have time to learn a new skill. What if the world’s people have always said, I don’t get time to read anymore, learn a new language or exercise. What if the world has become too overpopulated in areas and there is no work, no food, no water.

What if some people have been asking for more family closeness, more movie nights and more time to just do nothing. What if the petrol prices have been too high and travelling to work has been too much lately, what if people have lost their transport and have to walk. What if people spend more money than they have and build up bad credit, drink too much, gamble too much or stay away from home to much.

Maybe the universe is trying to get our attention. Just maybe, we are meant to slow down, stop and reassess our lives.

Just maybe…

Whatever you do during this time, think about it and try to see each day as an extra day to rebuild your faith, your skills, your family and your future. Share your story, because someone out there is more scared than you. More unsafe than you and in a worse case of quality of life than you. Your story might be just what they need to keep going, to keep fighting, to keep looking for a new solution for the day.

I believe during this time the only way to keep your head above water, is to stay positive. To build your faith and your love amongst the people you are with. To educate yourself and to be grateful for every single thing you have.

Do not wake up in 6 months and realize you waste so much time worrying about what could happen, when you missed out on all the time you could have made something amazing happen.

Be safe and Take care of yourself.


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