I have been in the entrepreneur business for over 13 years now.  My husband and I started our very first business from our garage 13 years ago and today we have over 6 successful businesses and we still dream of starting more.

But in these 13 years, I learned a lot, and that’s exactly why I started this blog, to share everything I learned and more! But if there is one thing I keep on telling people is that you need to start learning from other people!

A lot of time we only focus on ourselves, our ideas, and our business plans, when out there, some awesome people can help us!

Through my years I have discovered many successful women that I can connect with and collaborate , so we can help each other grow. This way, we help each other through sharing not only our knowledge, but also our lessons learnt from the many mistakes and this has impacted me greatly.

Before we start let me first explain that there are two types of learning.

Indirectly and obviously then, directly.

Indirect learning is when you observe someone doing something and imitate the procedure the person follows.

So, for example, to follow someone in the same industry as you or a business coach and focusing on what they do and how they do and try to imitate it.

And honestly, YEAH I do that too.

I do believe it is important and sometimes you notice something they might even know or are nor even trying to communicate but you still learn from it.

For indirect learning, you can focus on looking at their designs, their type of content, and the way they share and communicate it.

All this is super important, yes, BUT, I have discovered that most people are hesitant towards direct learning and the facts are that it is so much more valuable!

I don’t know if you are shy or if you are hesitant to pay for something, but a lot of times I and a lot of coaches share freebies or free challenges you can do.


See what they have to offer, how they offer it, their teaching method, and how it helps you.

I promise you when I started to do those freebies I loved everything about it and it was an awesome way to see what you might get in a paid course.

And once I took the step towards paid courses, I regretted I didn’t do it sooner!

Taking a course or having a one-on-one Zoom coaching session is so eye-opening! To connect with these people and learn things I never even thought about, helped me so much in the past 13 years!

And honestly speaking from the coaching side now, there is nothing more rewarding in my business than to see an entrepreneur learn and succeed and make their dreams come true!

So, do it! Stop being afraid! Start learning and start investing in yourself! Don’t waste time to keep on learning from your own mistakes when you can learn so much more from others and spare yourself a lot of trouble!

Connect with me if you have questions about courses or how they work! I would love to help you

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