If you have not heard of this book before you might be thinking this is a strange name for a book, but let me tell you, this book is fantastic.

As a business owner myself, there are many moments in life when you might think, ‘How will I get out of this?’ or ‘How will I move forward?’ Many times we feel stuck, or just very alone in our own problems because for some reason we always think that no one else is going through what we are going through.

Right at this very moment in time, when the whole world is suffering from stress, panic and uncertainty, we are all in unity in the same space with the same concerns.

And yes, even now, I will use Marie’s quote, that everything is still figureoutable.

Let’s look at your business. Before you started your business, you had loads of ideas, questions, excited feelings, maybe even some concerns, but your belief in yourself and in your idea was bigger than your fears and you pushed forward to make it happen. It was the same when you were 18 years old, you might have had all the guts in the world to do things, you might have even thought the world is your oyster and nothing is impossible. (It still is) Well, now is the time you need that exact mindset. Bring back that attitude you might have had and put some limitless beliefs back in your daily mindset.

Speak out positivity in your home and your future plans. Even if you’re confined to 4 walls right now, make sure you are excited about it. See it as an opportunity to be focused to re-plan, re-look and restructure your life, your business and your health.

You might be sitting with a financial issue and concern now. You might have lost your job and have no more income coming into your home. So what do you do? First, breath. Take a pen and paper and start writing down everything you are good at. Everything you are skilled at and what you can do to earn money. Don’t limit yourself and keep a positive mindset. If you have a partner, let them do this with you. If you’re single, then call up a friend, family member, someone that supports you and wants to help you succeed. Get them to help brainstorm new ideas and possible options for now and the future.

Also, find out from your local community what help is available and what your government is offering at the moment. Do not be shy to ask for help. This is no time to be proud and try to do everything yourself.

Plan for now and look forward to see what you can do every day to build on your new future. Tell yourself you have been given a new chance to restart your life and what will you do with it.

Everything is figureoutable. Keep saying it again and again.

Keep on it and Google ideas, dream big and get creative. There is always something you can do.

The difference between someone who will walk away from this better off than when they started is the person with the right mindset. You can give 2 people the same situation, same financial burdens and same home environment, but 1 will always come out on top. It’s the one that wants to survive more than anything else. It’s the one that will do everything they can to succeed and build themselves up.

Be that person that does not give up.

Be that person that helps others to also succeed.

Be that person that looks back in 6 months and that can be proud of what they have achieved through all of this uncertainty.

My wish for you is to be safe, to be patient with yourself and most of all the be kind to yourself. Use this time to hustle, dream big and work hard to keep your head above water. Enjoy the time alone, with family in your home and take care of your health. Make a schedule, follow it, keep yourself focused.

You will figure this out.

Be safe.

Nicolene and Clyde

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