As a multiple business owner, I love being creative with my ideas. Finding new ways to advertise, connect with clients and even inspiration to start some new businesses. But staying creative when your surroundings stay the same isn’t that easy. The only adventure I go on these days is an exciting journey to go grocery shopping.

Being a fulltime mom, and suddenly a teacher does take a toll on me. Trying to run my business while the toddler wants something to eat or my twins need help with math is my new normal, but how do I find time for myself.

How do YOU find time for yourself to make sure your creative juices keep on flowing?

My mother always said you are never too old to learn something, and I am a student by heart, always learning new tips and implementing new ideas, with the main goal of sharing it with YOU.

Through this lockdown period, I have found small ways to boost my creativity and I would love to share them with you and maybe also helping you with this creativity-block you are going through.

Firstly – Watch a TED Talk or listen to a podcast. I have so many role models in the business industry and listening to their advice keeps me motivated. You can learn so much from another person’s experience.

Next – GET OUT!

During lockdown we are only allowed to go outside and exercise at set times, but happy news brings new changes to this area as well very soon. Even a half an hour walk does help. Walking past the neighbor, smiling through your mask, and greeting with your eyes. Being in nature and having that cold morning air on your face makes you feel fresh and ready for the day.

This one is important.

Take a break from your screen. isNow, this is difficult.

I live on my phone for work. But when my kids and I have lunch, technology and screens are off. Even if this is difficult for you, try and take a 15-minute break, have a cup of coffee/ tea, and just slow down for a moment. (My husband will probably say I should listen to my advice because slowing down is hard for me.) But it is so needed. Try and make time for yourself.

Stay connected.

Social distancing is no fun. You probably wish you can just go grab a coffee with a friend.

My advice is to still do it. I know by the end of the day you are probably fed-up with Zoom calls but having one with your girlfriends is so much more fun than having one with your boss. I promise.

Get dressed up, put that new dress on you bought just before lockdown, and have a girl’s night with your friend digitally. It is so important for you to stay connected to those friends that inspire you, the ones you share creative ideas with.

And lastly, keep on challenging yourself. It is so easy to get stuck in a passive mindset in your little comfort zone home. Try new stuff, try exercising for 20 minutes, try new recipes, Pinterest has some great ones. Challenge yourself to try that hobby you never had time for. It is not about succeeding but just to take on the challenge and exercising your ideas.

Just some last bit of advice; don’t be too hard on yourself.

There will be days when even these tips don’t feel like it’s working. And that’s OKAY. Give yourself a break. These are difficult and strange times. The most important thing is to love yourself through the whole process, even the stage of staying in PJs and binge-watching Netflix.

So, go watch a TED Talk

Have a ZOOM call with your friends

And get those creative juices flowing!


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