How many times have you put yourself second to other people?

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering if this is as good as life is going to get? I sometimes wonder if what I am doing is always worth it. I wonder if my time spent on trying to grow my business is worth it and while I continue to feel guilty for always trying to make time for everyone, take care of everyone and keep everyone happy.

It’s never good enough in my eyes. For some reason, I am really hard on myself in this area, but I also have to say, I am working on this.

I am currently going through a stage in my life, where I need to step up for who I want to be, who I dream about being, and for the person, I want to show my children they can also become.

Having children changes everything in your life. If you are blessed by having children, you will agree and know that making choices that are for yourself, is so much harder than others could imagine.

I want to be the person for you that shows you it’s OK to choose yourself first.

I did.

I still do.

My schedule might be different, and yes I work at night when my family is asleep, but that works for me now, and that is ok. I know that this will not be the norm for my life, however, to make the massive change take place, you need to create more time for yourself without feeling like you neglect people or have issues with feeling like a bad parent.

I always laugh when people talk about having a perfect morning routine or to schedule time out of your day for yourself to relax and focus. I am not sure if these people don’t have kids, or if their children are much older, but my tribe is small, all 3 are under 9 and I am homeschooling them now from 8 till 2 pm, and only then I could start thinking about work. Also with children, there is never a normal day. I love this about my life, however, this does cause some creative thinking and time creation.

I don’t believe in having the perfect schedule, but I do have guidelines I try to follow and stick to. My biggest take away each day, is to ensure my kids go to be happy, with hugs and kisses and story time with me. This is my fuel to keep going.

Everyone is different and you should be allowed to be different in your own way.

You need to be you.

You need to make your day work, to ensure you are ok.

I have seen this over and over again in our home, but if this mama is not happy, content and in a good space, my home does not run normally. Everyone seems to be out of sink when I am not balanced. It might sound weird to you, but it is true.

Are you the same?

I want you to know that I would love to connect and get to know you better and if you ever need a virtual coffee date, just shout.

My message for you today is to allow yourself to step up for yourself. Believe in yourself and grow who you are and what you want to do with your life.

If you believe you are meant for greatness, then that is what you should strive towards each day.

My clients love one specific thing most about me, and that is the accountability partner I become for them. Guiding them and helping step by step to make change happen in their life and business is how I help them get to their goals.

I could be your accountability coach.

Step up for yourself my love and let your true inner light shine.


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