Most entrepreneurs across the globe are all in the same situation. Businesses are either closing down or starting to feel the pressure of fewer sales and planning for the future is the only thing on their minds.

For me, the thought process is simple. Worst case scenario we lose everything. NOW WHAT?

My husband and I had this discussion last night and I kept saying, ok, now what? again, now what?

For me, not having a plan or not coming up with a plan is never an option. I always think worst-case scenario and how to work back from there. I think a lot of people only focus on the bad things, but they seem to forget, they are not 18 anymore, they have loads of knowledge, connections and clients and if they had to start all over now, they would be able to build a business faster and even better than the one they had, due to their knowledge. They will not make the same mistakes they did before, they will hire people better, buy equipment or products better and connect with the best people from the start.

Now the biggest questions remain, if you don’t have cash, what do you do? Well… we started our first business from our garage with very little money. And if I need to sell something today to get that small amount of money again, I will do it in a heartbeat. So can you sell something? Can you think of a way to get money to start again, small? Remember you will grow faster than before, but if you had a big business, don’t expect to start there, start small, from home, from a garage from a friend’s house. In 6 months you will be further along than your first 6 months in business, but you will grow. Believe me, your willpower to succeed will make you unstoppable.

If you are in this space now, where you have already lost everything since this virus has hit the world population, then think about what you need to start with again now. Think carefully about how much knowledge you have today and what you can do with it. You really need to think.

Make a plan, write it down. Think about it over and over. Consume it. Live it. You need to be completely focused on making this work.

Don’t be negative. Keep your thinking cap on. Tell yourself to not leave your room until you come up with a new idea. No matter how big or small or scary or silly this idea might be, think of something. Call a friend, use the connections you have, but stay in contact with positive people. People that also want to succeed in life. This is crucial during tough times.

Make sure you connect with the right people now, join the best Facebook groups and ask for advice, share ideas and stay in the right mindset.

It will be hard.

It will be tough.

But you will be OK.

The world will be OK again, one day. Prepare yourself for it.

Don’t wake up in 6 months and realize you have been left behind, because someone else will be planning their recovery, their new business plan and their new growth structure.

Take action today!

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