Just to set the record straight. Even if you are a current owner of a successful business, starting a new one is always scary!

About every 3 years I get an itch to start a new company, and if you would have asked me 4 years ago what my next idea was, I would never have guessed.

Yep! A coffee shop franchise.

I’m still shocked that I had the idea, firstly because I knew nothing of coffee or running a food/restaurant business.

But when we first decided to open our coffee shop, we wanted to make sure we are unique to others.

With every business we have started the root has always been how can we make life easier for people.

And all my previous businesses have done exactly that. But this time I wanted to help people, but also treat them. So, we combined affordability with a delicious menu offering, and our R10 coffee shop was born.

Xpresso got really popular really quickly. Our new dream took off in full swing!

The idea of franchising grew bigger and bigger as people were in awe of our idea.

But promoting the option to buy a franchise and joining into the business family, was not the hard part.

However, bringing people into your business, sharing your know-how and your behind the scenes stories are not always easy. It’s much harder than most people think.

The evaluation process and meeting with hundreds of people before allowing someone to join the business as a franchise was not always easy. We wanted to make sure we can help people build a reliable and strong franchise throughout this venture.

To us, it was not just about the money. When you have built a business with hard work, sweat, tears, and exceptionally long hours, you are not going to let anyone come in without having the same goals, admirations, and mindset as yourself.

Throughout the last few years, we have fine-tuned our application process and now we focus on growing these franchises and their branches to expand the business even more

Yes, we are picky about who joins the Xpresso family, and that’s okay.

I guess what I want to share with you is that you have to be proud of your projects

But most of all it is okay to be protective of what you have built. Having a dream is always personal, and any business without a heart isn’t worth having at all.

That’s all from me

Have the best week


PS… Need any advice or help with taking big business steps, contact me, or connect with me on Facebook.

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