Over 13 years ago, we started our first business from our garage and we took an idea, a dream to work for ourselves and our passions to make it happen. We thought about what we want to do and how we want to do it.

Then, we just took action.

I know to some people this might sound that it came so easy to us, but our will for making it happen and ensuring that we want to succeed was our driving power each day. We both came from working overseas and seeing the world through different eyes is very awakening to people that have travelled and that enjoys travelling. Some times, the grass is greener on the other side.

When you have no income, no funds to rely on and you use all your savings to start a new business that you are not sure if it would succeed, your willpower is driven by jou insinct to survive and push forward.

It was hard when we started. Some days were much harder than others. There were tears, some scary moments, worry and laughter, cause if you can’t laugh at yourself even during the hard times, then the world has become a dark place for you.

But, when you work for yourself, you will never look back again. Your own business puts new passion and drive in your life and you take up more roles of responsibilities than you ever thought were possible.

Being the boss might sound great, but it’s hard. It’s awesome, and hard at the same time. You need to continuously plan ahead, manage your time, and play multiple roles. From admin, sales, accounting, marketing, driver, designer, planner, operations, and customer care.

So now you might think, why would I want to have my own business then, as this does not sound very glamorous.

The joys of owning your own business come from your customers and the change and happiness you create in their lives. Once you get your business up and running and you start helping people through the work you do, the rest becomes much easier and your will to get up and push forward is powered from a space within you.

Two years after we started our first business, we moved into an actual shopfront space and we realised we needed to hire someone to help us out. This by itself is a great milestone, but also a new area of growth regarding trust, letting go, delegation, staff management, salaries and so much more.

Yes, it was not always easy, but it has always been fun, exciting, thrilling and it has always kept me on my toes.

Today, 13 years later, we own several businesses, and to think, if we never took that first step to try something for the first time, I would not be writing this to you today.

So, if your soul and your heart believe you are meant for greatness, to share your story and your skills with others, then you should take that step.

Be brave and give yourself that one chance you have always longed for.

My clients know that their success is my success and I make sure you take each step to get to those goals you have set.

I want you to believe more in yourself and to reach for new heights because you are worth it.

You deserve to share your specialness with the world and there is someone out there that needs to hear your story.

Now go and be awesome!


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