I believe kindness comes from the heart. When my kids play together in their little imaginary world of creatures, toys, and characters and I often hear kind gestures and loving words being shared between them, I know this must come from within them, as love is a pure form generated from within us.

As women, most of us are natural caretakers and nurturers for people around us. If someone gets hurt, we would naturally reach out and help. If someone is sad, our hearts want to cry with them and if we could do anything for them to make them feel better we would.

If you look up the word kindness, it says ‘the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate’

Do you believe you are a kind person?

Maybe for some people, this might be a hard one to answer, and maybe you need some time to assess this actually, as we don’t often get asked these types of questions.

I believe that if you took the time to smile and say hello to someone today, that you are kind. I believe that if you said loving, encouraging and positive words to your children, that you are kind. If you have laughed with a friend today or let the car next to you go first, or let the telesales caller finish her rehearsed speech first before declining her offer, that all of this makes you a kind person. Have you given someone some money, a sandwich or something to drink, that might be less fortunate than yourself? well then yes, you are kind.

If you find yourself thinking that today might not have been such a kind day, you can always change that right now. By sending a good prayer to someone you care for or someone you have wronged. Hugging and saying some loving words to someone in your home right now. Wishing someone well with a message or email and to ensure you encourage more kindness to continue to do so tomorrow twice.

A few days ago, I dared to take on the shops, so all gloved and masked up, I went to go get some needed items for the house. In the store, a lady passed me and even through the mask I could smell her amazing perfume. Without thinking twice, I said out loud, You smell amazing, I love your perfume. I wish you could have seen her face. She was also masked up, but I could see the smile she had and in her eyes, I knew, I just made her day. Even 15 minutes later when we both left the store, she was still in good spirits. I believe you can make someone else’s day by just using kind words.  Don’t think kind things, say them. Try one day, to just say whatever kind things you can think of to all the people you meet. I promise you, it will even change your day!

Remember, by just smiling alone, it will generate a positive vibe through your body and people will notice that. You will give off positive energy to others without even knowing. Smiling is like yawning, it’s contagious. So go out and smile your ass off today.

The world needs what you have to offer and only you. Kindness will make it all so much better. Teach your little one’s power of kindness as I do believe it can move mountains if needs be.

Go spread some kindness where ever you might go and remember YOU are KIND, and beautiful, strong and brave. Remember this always. Now go and be awesome!

Till next week


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